Aybel Spaces
A Family-Run Garden Building Business

Aybel Spaces is a garden building company founded by husband and wife team Simon and Angie. They work and live in Oxford with their four beautiful children and their dog Honey.

They came up with the idea for Aybel Spaces after years of trying to find a suitable space at home for fitness, well-being and work.

Garden Rooms

The concept of a garden room seemed perfect; it takes people away from the main house to find their own space without needing to travel.

When they looked into it, they discovered that nobody seemed to offer an authentic, solidly constructed garden room, with superior insulation in the floor, walls and roof – and a proper wall finish, just like the inside of a house (essential to them both).

Angie and Simon found a lack of good customer experience too. Businesses were more interested in sales than providing customer service.


With over 30 years of experience in construction and customer service, Simon & Angie knew they could improve what was on the market.

They provide fantastic garden buildings with an excellent customer experience through Aybel Spaces.

The business enables them to do something together that allows them to carry out the work they enjoy.

Environmentally Aware Business

Simon & Angie are passionate about positively impacting social and environmental issues. 

They run a company that puts people and the planet at the core of decision-making at the same time delivering an amazing product. 

Aybel Spaces is a company comitted to sustainable construction from the ground up.

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Angie Hegerty Ward

Angie loves people; she spends much of her spare. time with her friends and family. She enjoys outdoor activities such as running, cycling and picnics.

From beginning to end, Angie takes care of your initial enquiry and is there to answer your questions during the process, right through to the final details of your garden room and beyond.

“Like us, people are concerned about the environment and society. By ensuring we are a responsible company, we can deliver our client’s wishes without compromising our shared principles.”

Simon Ward

Simon runs the site fitting teams and is often found working on-site of one of the garden building installations.

He’s a trained carpenter with 35 years of experience in the construction industry; he loves being on site, ensuring every garden room is built to the highest standards. 

In his early career, he founded a design and build construction company and, following this, spent 25 years growing and running a very successful environmental services business.

However, in the later years, he wanted to start a more family-friendly company.

“In the end, I wanted to get back to something more personal that allowed me to engage closely with the customer. Nothing pleases me more than working with clients to create a perfect garden room for them.”

Bespoke Garden Buildings Where You
Can Work, Rest and Play