Garden Studio
Oxfordshire and Surrounding Areas

How would you use a garden studio? Would it be for yoga, art, or pottery? A place to retreat for reading or writing?

Maybe it would be a working studio, a treatment room, or a hairdressing salon.

A garden studio can be your own divine space for creativity and reflection.

Check out our garden rooms page if you prefer a space for entertainment. They are the same garden structure in reality, but we have different usage suggestions.

A Warm & Quiet Garden Studio

The interior of the garden building feels like any room inside a house, with decorated walls, electrical sockets and Wi-fi.

Your garden studio is constructed using Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) that have eco properties for a tranquil, air-tight room.

As standard, the studio building comes with excellent insulation and a wall-fixed heater; it keeps perfectly warm all year round. In addition, you could have Wi-Fi controlled heating.

Garden Studio Lighting

Let natural light flow into the garden studio through the windows and doors, angled strategically for. your preference; morning or afternoon light.

Use the studio day or night with lamps, beautiful grand studio lights and external garden lighting. The space is a blank canvas for you to design.

We can’t wait to see the work you produce in the beautiful garden studio.

Let Nature In

Open the doors wide to help your creative flow, and you’ll instantly let the outside environment in, whether it’s a sunny afternoon or a cold crisp morning.

Our garden studios have sliding or folding door options, and you can upgrade to our full-width panoramic doors that open up the entire side. You – and your clients – can truly become one with nature.

Relaxing Garden Studio

Take time to read, write, do yoga or meditate in the quiet, comfortable garden studio, surrounded by the plants, flowers and tiny inhabitants of your garden.

Our garden studio is a peaceful space to escape life’s stresses and strains.

Talk To Us Today

What ideas and requirements have you got for your garden studio? We’d love to know!

Talk to us about the possibilities for your studio; we’re knowledgeable and friendly. We help you decide the position in your garden balanced with the size requirements and we can advise on the shape and the finishes.

Aybel Spaces provide a free consultation with no obligation to buy.

Great Ways To Use a Garden Studio

The possibilities are endless. It could be used for many things, all at once, with designated stations for each family member.

Art Studio

Leave your paintings, easels, paints and brushes precisely where they are when you’ve had enough.

Yoga Studio

Whether you teach a small group or do yoga alone, the garden studio can be closed up and kept warm inside with the on-wall heater. On sunny days you could open the sliding or folding doors onto the garden.

Treatment Room

A cost-effective and confidential area that can be used for clients whether it is therapy, examinations or massages.

Beauty Salon

This private space can house a beautician’s couch, a pedicure chair and a manicure station. There are electrical sockets for foot baths and wax heaters.

Hairdressers Salon

Add some mirrors and some swivel chairs, and voila! You have a salon in your garden. You may need additional electrical sockets for hair dryers and curling tongs. 

Library or Study

Whether you are a bookworm, writer, editor, or the children need a place to study, a garden studio is a tranquil den to concentrate on reading or writing.

Pottery Studio and Kiln

Work in peace and get close to nature for ultimate inspiration. You could have a home kiln inside the garden studio with enough electrical power.

Garden Retreat

Simply use the space as a peaceful room to gaze at the garden.

Gym / Exercise Studio

The garden studios are wide and tall, with enough space to jump around, lift weights and work up a sweat. Aybel Spaces can fit a kitchen area with running water or a small sink where you can refill a water bottle.

Craft Studio

Leave your crafting equipment in one place; no need to tidy up all the bits ready for breakfast, ruining your thought trail. 

Sewing Studio

The studio provides a significant area for a worktop, mannequins and multiple sewing machines, perfect for tailors, dressmakers, and needleworkers. 

Meditation Studio

Use it as a dedicated space for meditation that you can keep clear of mess. Set up meditation cushions and gongs; you can even set up a virtual assistant like Alexa via an internet connection.