Choose Your Perfect Garden Building

Choose Your Garden Room

With a garden office building, you will have separate work and leisure spaces, day or night. Aybel Spaces provides stunning garden rooms where you will feel at one with nature in your perfectly designed workspace. Our garden buildings are tailored to your needs, offering a serene environment to boost productivity and focus. Whether you’re working on important projects or hosting virtual meetings, our garden offices offer a professional setting just steps away from your home. Enhance your work-life balance with a garden building that merges functionality and beauty seamlessly.

A garden studio can be your own divine space for creativity and reflection. Your uniquely designed garden building will be as warm and comfortable as your own house without the usual distractions. Aybel Spaces crafts garden studios across Oxfordshire and beyond that inspire creativity, whether you’re painting, exercising, or engaging in your favourite hobbies. Our garden buildings are designed to provide a peaceful retreat where you can fully immerse yourself in your creative endeavours.

A garden room could be anything you want it to be! The list is endless. An amazing space to escape to, where you, your friends, and family can enjoy time together. Aybel Spaces offers versatile garden buildings that can be transformed into a guest room, entertainment area, or a personal gym. Our garden rooms are designed to enhance your lifestyle, providing a comfortable and stylish space that adapts to your needs. We offer three standard garden building models in various sizes with customisable options, or we can design a bespoke garden building from scratch to fit your vision.