Garden Office
Oxfordshire and Surrounding Areas

A garden office gives you a dedicated space to achieve your best work whether you’re running a business or working from home.

Aybel Spaces construct their garden rooms to a high specification as standard. There are various optional extras such as underfloor heating, a kitchen and a toilet.

Work-Life Balance

Aybel Spaces wants you to enjoy the ultimate work-life balance – crucial to getting the best from life.

Working from home eliminates the commute. You get more time in the day to be outside, exercise, spend time with family, and prepare healthier meals. Less stress and better mental health. Hurray!

However, it’s impossible to create the right environment working at the kitchen table. There are distractions, and that disturbing draw to answer emails out of hours.

With a garden office, you’ll have separate work and leisure spaces, day or night. Aybel Spaces provide garden rooms that feel just like the interior of your home.

Once you leave the main house and walk down the garden path, you’ll be settled into your working environment in minutes.

And when you finish your working day, you close the door on work and step straight back into life.

Garden Office Internet

During your working day, you’re sure to need an internet connection. Our garden offices can stay connected in two ways. It’s your choice.

Aybel Spaces can fit smart plugs – one that picks up the Wi-Fi signal in the house and sends the signal to another smart plug in the garden office.

Aybel Spaces can provide a data socket with CAT 6 cable, ready to pick up hard-wired internet from your home.

Garden Office Security

When you’re required to go to meetings or work at headquarters, you can lock up and feel confident you’ve left your equipment completely secure.

The doors and windows on our garden offices come with high-security multipoint locking as standard.

Save Money with a Garden Office

Work from a garden office to reduce your commute time and save money on travel expenses.

If you own your own business, you’ll save money in rent and rates, keeping overheads down and increasing profits.

Garden Office Internet

What ideas and requirements have you got for your garden office? We’d love to know!

Talk to us about the possibilities for your office; we’re knowledgeable and friendly. We help you decide the position in your garden balanced with the size requirements. We can advise on the shape and the finishes.

Aybel Spaces provide a free consultation with no obligation to buy.