Garden Room
Oxfordshire and Beyond

If only there were an extra room in your house for an indoor bar, a person cave or a children’s playroom. There can be.

A garden room from Aybel Spaces is the perfect solution.

We design, supply and install garden rooms all over Oxfordshire and the surrounding areas. We would love to talk to you
about your new space.

Maybe you have other uses for a garden building, such as a garden office. Just contact us to talk through your needs.

Entertain Your Friends in the Garden Room

A garden room could become a bar or an extra dining room, where you, your friends and your family can enjoy time together.

Open the folding or sliding doors on a sunny day to enjoy a BBQ in the garden, even if rain threatens.

When the party continues into the night, you can close yourselves in, avoiding noise complaints and keeping out the cold.

Our garden rooms are well insulated and have a wall heater as standard; there are options for underfloor heating too.

A Peaceful Garden Room

Retreat to the garden room to read a book, sit on the sofa to do some extra work, write an article or simply take in the garden with a cuppa.

Shut the doors and windows to make it a tranquil and calm place to sit and enjoy life at a slower pace. Perhaps you need to find a rocking chair or a hammock.

Practise A Hobby

The garden room allows you and your children to practise art skills or create music without interruption. You could practice together as a bonding exercise.

Manage stress levels by retiring to the garden room in the morning or after dinner, enjoying a creative hour, or learning something new.

Come away from the screen, expand the mind and unwind.

Give the Children Space

Give the children a safe space to hang out as they grow up. They can enjoy time with their friends without you wondering where they are. With the garden room positioned correctly, you can see them from the house.

Let them retreat to the garden room to study or practise an instrument, away from younger siblings.

You’ll need to start a schedule to fairly share the garden room time between adults and children!

Gaming and Cinema Room

Use the garden room as a gaming room or home cinema, with a home theatre, an overhead projector, surround sound and extra comfy seating.

You may need to add a drinks fridge and snack cupboard, just in case.

The garden buildings have locks on all windows and doors to keep your valuables safe inside.

Talk To Us Today

What ideas and requirements have you got for your garden room? We’d love to know!

Talk to us about the possibilities for your room; we’re knowledgeable and friendly. We help you decide the position in your garden balanced with the size requirements. We can advise on the shape and the finishes.

Aybel Spaces provide a free consultation with no obligation to buy.

Great Ways To Use a Garden Room

The possibilities are endless. It could be used for many things, all at once, with designated stations for each family member.

The beauty is that a garden room can evolve and change with the household. 

Sleepover Room

Add some comfy sofa beds, and the garden room can become an extra room for guests. We can fit a toilet in most garden rooms; we would just need to do a survey.

Home Cinema

Whether you like to watch alone or with a group, the garden room is perfect for a home cinema setup. You could have film nights or sports nights with different groups of friends.

Gaming Room

Space for the ultimate geek – you only need a few monitors, a powerful gaming machine and a comfortable chair. The doors and windows come with high-security multipoint locking.

Games Room

Perfect for entertainment, set up a pool table, some table football, a darts board and a minibar. You could even have a kitchen for making tea and other refreshments. 

Outdoor Bar

The garden room is a perfect space to add an outdoor bar – protection when it rains, but you can spill out onto the patio on a sunny day. Get a few rounds of mini golf in on the lawn – a perfect weekend!

Dining and Drinks

You could create an extra dining area for dinner parties and BBQs. As long as conditions are right, we could fit a toilet, so no need for anyone to traipse through the house. 

Garden Retreat

A quiet den for a peaceful moment to recoup, read a book, listen to a podcast or just meditate.


Use the room to clear your head and gain space from the rest of the family. Teenagers could use it to entertain friends, so they are independent, but you know where they are. 

Music Room

Are you a budding DJ, pianist, guitarist or drummer? A garden room has the space to store your kit and locks on the windows and doors to keep it safe. 

Study Room

Use the garden room as a quiet study area, a calm space away from the rest of the mad house.

Changing Room

The garden room can be a changing area if you have a pool or hot tub. It helps prevent the house from getting wet as people rush in to change. We can fit a toilet and shower too, depending on specific requirements.