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Beyond Borders: Unveiling 7 Oxfordshire Sectors Embracing the Versatility and Value of Garden Rooms

In the beautiful landscapes of Oxfordshire, the trend of garden rooms is increasing and becoming a versatile haven for professionals across various sectors. From fitness instructors to financial advisors, these enchanting spaces are not just limited to leisure but are proving to be the perfect backdrop for diverse professional pursuits.

‘Loving my new garden office!! Simon and Angie at Aybel offices built exactly what I wanted and answered all my questions from the start. Love it!!!’Rob Shaw

Rob and his family wanted a Garden Room to increase the living space for his growing family. It serves multiple purposes: Work from home office, Playroom, Evening entertainment

Before we look at the different sectors, let’s briefly touch on the financial reasons why small businesses and startups are looking at Garden Rooms as an alternative to traditional office, and shop premises. 

Before writing this post we Googled ‘What is the average cost of office space in oxford’ and we found the Oxford Office Space Prices website.

We also Googled ‘What is the average cost of running a business’ and found the following article:

The two highest costs for a small business are property rental and transport with the average small business spending £5.5k + per year and owning nothing at the end of it. You could have paid for a Garden Room within 4 years based on the above not forgetting all the other benefits that come with a Garden Office/Studio.

So what business sectors are we seeing the most demand from? Below we have detailed the top seven:

Fitness Instructors:

The rise of home workouts has prompted fitness instructors in Oxfordshire to explore the possibilities of garden rooms. With ample natural light and a serene environment, these spaces provide an ideal setting for one-to-one training sessions or small group classes. The intimate and peaceful atmosphere fosters focus and concentration, offering clients a unique fitness experience.


Garden rooms are increasingly becoming a sanctuary for counsellors and therapists. The privacy they afford, away from the hustle of everyday life, creates a safe space for individuals seeking support. Depending on the size, landscaping and design of your garden the connection with nature may also enhance the therapeutic process. Making garden rooms a valuable extension of the counselling process.

Financial Advisors:

Financial advisors in Oxfordshire are opting for garden rooms as a practical alternative to traditional offices. These private spaces provide a quiet and distraction-free environment for client meetings. Stepping outside the regular office setting helps clients relax, fostering a more open conversation. The garden room serves as a discreet spot for confidential discussions, offering a straightforward and effective approach to financial consultations.


When it comes to snapping headshots and product photos, a garden room makes for a pretty handy spot. These spaces mix indoor comfort with outdoor vibes, offering a chill backdrop for portraits, product shots, or any creative projects you’ve got in mind. It’s just a laid-back and versatile setting for photographers to do their thing.

Health Professionals (Massage Therapists):

For health practitioners like massage therapists, the tranquillity of a garden room enhances the therapeutic experience. Clients can relax in a serene environment, away from the clinical setting, promoting a sense of calm and well-being. The versatility of these spaces allows for various holistic practices to thrive.

Business and Life Coaches:

Garden rooms are becoming the go-to space for business and life coaches conducting coaching sessions. The separation from home or office distractions allows clients to concentrate on personal and professional development. The serene surroundings contribute to a positive and constructive coaching atmosphere.


Oxfordshire’s artistic community is embracing the charm of garden rooms as well. Painters find inspiration in privacy and solitude, turning these spaces into personal studios. The secluded nature of garden rooms allows artists to immerse themselves in their work without distractions, fostering creativity and artistic expression.

In conclusion, Oxfordshire’s garden rooms go beyond typical home extensions, offering versatile spaces for various professional needs. From fitness instructors to financial advisors, these rooms provide practical solutions, seamlessly blending work and functionality.

No matter who you are or what industry you work in, we design, supply and install stunning, sustainable garden rooms, studios, and offices that are built to the highest specifications. Contact us today to discuss your requirements.

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